Meeting Fish in Kelp Country

Diver and fish among kelp

I am not a fan of selfies. However, I often dive alone, especially in shallow coastal areas. If I want to have a diver in a picture, it has to be some sort of a selfie. That’s why most of my pictures with divers look similar … a head with the upper torso and the action in front of the mask.

This particular image is from Goat island marine reserve. On that dive I did not swim across the channel to the island, but follow the rugged coast to the right.The place has a lot of rock formations with flat sandy areas between them. Usual reef fish can be found there … plus schools of pelagic fish in late summer when the water is warm. From my perspective the best way to watch the fish there is to slow down and let them come. They are curious and that big, slow and noisy creature is worth observing for them at least for a while.