Winter Morning in Fog

One of my clients has their office in Auckland CBD. As it’s not that easy (and cheap) to park there I was thinking about an alternative way to get there on a regular basis. I’ve realized the ferry from Birkenhead Wharf is a very convenient and pleasant option. It is very seldom cancelled because of the weather conditions and early mornings and late afternoons on a boat have their magic.

One winter morning I arrived to the wharf and could see this. For those that don’t know the place, under normal circumstances Auckland CBD is clearly visible behind the Harbour Bridge on the other side of the harbour. Not in that morning. No land could be seen, just the calm water surface, the fog and moored sailboats and launches near the wharf.

This is not an underwater picture yet it reminds me of the atmosphere underwater when water is not so clear. It’s like a cruise in fog, one cannot see more than a couple of meters upfront, everything further away is a mystery. A little scary, but exciting call for an adventure.

Stock Photo: Foggy winter morning from Birkenhead Wharf

Another image shows ferry cat from CBD approaching the wharf.

Stock Photo: Morning ferry approaches Birkenhead Wharf

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