Army Bay Dive, February 22th, 2012

The weather forecast promised a SE wind so I headed to Army Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula expecting a calm sea. The reality was much worse. The swell was not that strong however due to the silty bottom the water at the shore reminded me of my morning cup of coffee.

I decided to go for a dive anyway I am quite used to low visibility and my 60mm lens allows to take pictures from a very short distance. After a short swim the 0m visibility improved to around 1m which allowed looking for small creatures. However, the water movements were making me feel if I was in a washing machine during the whole dive.

There are plenty of them on the spot if one knows what to look for – sea stars, heart sea urchins, hermit crabs, blennies etc. Where the flat rocks reach the surface of the silt sponges, weeds and anemones fight to survive. After a while I realized the bottom was full of fan worms. Their tubes were hidden in the silt only the beautiful fans were reaching above it waiting for their microscopic prey. Unfortunately they were very sensitive to my movements (and my bubbles too). They usually disappeared at the moment I could spot them.

On my way back to the shore I turned to the left (from the perpsctive of a person standing on the beach) under the cliffs. I discovered a couple of long flat rocks providing enough place for colourful sponges. At last I know when to go next time … but only if there is no wind there and the sea is calm.

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