Back to Our Temperate Waters

Two days after our return from the Kingdom of Tonga I could not resist and visited our great temperate waters. I’ve chosen Mahurangi Harbour (again) as the sea was calm so I expected better visibility than usually, also I needed some wide angle images from the harbour for my article I am working on.

The visibility was even better than I expected. I could see a couple of huge sea stars and  a large octopus was a real surprise. If you check the picture showing the eleven-armed sea star you can notice a tiny bit of octopus’ skin in the low right corner. I was attracted by the star’s size, took a couple of pictures of it, then I wanted to check closer the horse mussels laying next to it. I discovered there was a big octopus in the shallow hole there using the mussels as shields. I didn’t want to disturb it  so I left without a usable picture of it.

I met two nice gentlemen on the parking lot we had a great talk on diving, fishing and underwater photography. Thanks for that, guys, I hope you’ll get to read this post.

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