Software Development

I am a freelance web application developer using mostly PHP, JavaScript and also some Python. My focus is on application maintenance and stability. I always look for new and interesting projects to work on.

I maintain web pages, do speed optimisation and create custom functionality when necessary, often in WordPress and WooCommerce environments.

I maintain/develop both simple dynamic pages using pure PHP and JavaScript/JQuery and web applications built in MVC frameworks (Zend Framework, Codeigniter, recently LaravelSilex and (Python) Django for a couple of current projects).

Most recently I’ve been working developing user interfaces (UI) using ExtJS, versions 4.2.x and 6.0.x.

I also do sw/data integration, i.e. data gathering and processing so it can be used in other applications. A typical example is a company web site that presents information based on the company’s internal sw data. I create solutions that process data and updates the site automatically. Data (products, stock, orders, invoices) import/export between various systems can be another example.

If you need such services, please, check my LinkedIn profile at for details about what I can do. I hope my skills and experience can be of help to you.

Project examples:

Some of my clients: