Wild Horses

Years ago I was contemplating a website called ‘Three Horses’. I even owned a domain with that name. The idea behind the title was quite simple. If a person has passions that are very different from each other, life with them can be like a ride on wild horses. I had plans to share my experiences with that ride.

For years this website was mostly about scuba diving in temperate waters of New Zealand and underwater photography. However, the idea of wild horses kept coming back again and again. In the meantime the band of horses got bigger, I’ve got more passions, and the original title became irrelevant. So I am changing the site’s title to a new one, ‘Wild Horses’, while keeping the current domain name for continuity.

Let me introduce you to my ‘band of wild horses’.

Wild Horse No I (Computers)
I was a small boy when I discovered the magic of machines that can do a work for you while you are asleep. You write the code, they do it. Without complaints. That magic is like a virus, I cannot get rid of it.

Wild Horse No II (Diving)
Being a boy from a landlocked country I watched rare documentaries about underwater world. I dreamed, but never thought I could become my reality. And here we are, in New Zealand, an island country of Southern Pacific, with our blue backyard everywhere around.

Wild Horse No III (Christianity)
If there is a miracle in this world it is the unearthly love of God revealed in Christ. As the old song says “I once was lost, but now I’m found” … I was found┬ábefore I started to look for.

Wild Horse No IV (Photography)
I cannot draw, I cannot paint. But there is that trick, you let light paint for you. It is called photography.

Wild Horse No V (PlayingMusic)
I am no musician, but I love music. Music is like poetry, but better. Even I can understand it … sometimes. For music to sound players are needed. There are not enough of them occasionally. So I step in and play.