Scuba Diver Breathing Vintage

The regulator the diver is breathing from was manufactured in late seventies or early eighties. The piston first stage is of a very good quality, but unfortunately the yoke is too narrow for contemporary pillar valves that combine INT with DIN. It cannot be used with them. However, the second stage has a standard hose thread, is of the classic downstream design and most importantly both membranes are made of silicon so they will last. I connect it to an Apeks first stage and it works nicely.

Also it reminds me of our scuba diving beginnings back in the nineties. Especially that shiny chromed bracket that holds the regulator together looks like the one on our old Czechoslovak regulators.

The diver wears the Technisub Look mask which is another legend. As far as I am aware it is the most popular diving mask of all times.

Note: I still use it … for very practical reasons. It is easy to get prescription lenses for it and the dioptre range is enough even for my eyes.