Check Colours Under Kelp Forest

Reef under kelp forestI admit my freediving capabilities are very sad. Perhaps I should say they are nonexistent. That’s why I use a scuba tank even in a very shallow water. But there are other reasons for that as well.

I have some experience with pushing my heavy camera equipment while freediving. Believe me, it’s exhausting. Also I love to peek into those tiny caves and cracks under the kelp forest canopy and watch their inhabitants. It’s very colourful there, but quite dark too. I cannot just go up for a breath of fresh air and back down every thirty seconds or so. My eyes need some time to adjust for the lack of light. And I would prefer not to loose a particular spot, that deserves my attention to its beauty.

I’ve made this particular photograph in (as usual) the Goat Island marine reserve. There is nothing exceptional about it. Anyway, it expresses the mood of the local shallow water rocky reefs quite well.