Browns Bay at Night

Sweeps in Browns Bay at night

Every time I go to Browns Bay in Auckland when the water is dirty (i.e. visibility close to zero) after a rain or heavy swell, I almost cannot believe it can be actually quite clear sometimes.¬†This picture is a proof of it. I made it one late evening, the water was calm and surprisingly clear, the visibility was certainly more that five metres. On the right side of the beach under that cliff there is a flat reef. Its top part gets above the water level at low tide. By the way, it’s a great place for watching nudibranches during their mating season in spring. That flat reef has a tiny drop-off with little overhangs full of invertebrate life. I was close to the bottom right below the drop-off watching this small school of sweeps (Scorpis lineolata)¬†gliding down the rock.