Leatherjacket gets close

Close-up of leatherjacket Parika scaber

You have that experience, you think you know the behaviour of a certain species, but then you meet an individual that behaves in a different way, the way is so different you have that strange feeling something is wrong. My usual experience with leatherjackets is they are very inquisitive, come close to divers, but when a camera lens points to them they either swim away or at least turn back.

This leatherjacket was different, it stayed with me the whole dive, was very curious about the cameras “big eye”, it almost touched the dome port, actually I had difficulties to photograph anything else.

Note the dorsal spine on its back, it’s down which means the fish was relaxed, not scared, even though my camera was only centimetres way from it and the “big eye” was pointing straight to it. The blue vertical tear in the skin under the eye is not a wound, it’s an exit for the water flowing through the gills of the fish.

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