Diver and yellow boring sponge

Diver and yellow boring sponge

Mahurangi Harbour does not look attractive to divers, actually, I don’t know anybody who dives there. When I talk to local divers they usually recommend to get to either Te Haupa Island or better Motuora Island. They are right, if somebody wants to hunt / collect sea food the harbour is not the place … though I’ve heard from Kevin from Performance Diver he used to bring scouts there and taught them to dive for scallops years ago.

My reasons to dive the harbour are different. I find sponges, soft corals, huge sea stars, nudibranches, occasional octopuses and stingrays there. All of them are great subjects to photograph, though the limited visibility makes it often very challenging.

On the picture you can see me examining a boring sponge somewhere in Otarawao Bay between the picnic area and Pudding Island.

Note: As you can see from the picture I am wearing a Wettie wetsuit, it kept me warm during the whole winter.

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