Three-dimensional City in Ocean Desert

Coral block in shallow water around Vava'u islands, Pacific ocean

This block of coral in shallow water reminds me of a science-fiction three-dimensional city. In movies people use flying machines, in the ocean it’s not necessary. Fish and other critters which inhabit the coral block can move vertically with the same ease as when they move horizontally. They leave the city to find food but they return to find protection from the predators of the ocean desert. The block is flat on its top as the low tide water level does not allow it to grow vertically any more.

The ocean around Vava’u islands (Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific) is not a coral sea in its very sense, its bottom is made mostly of volcanic rock with more-or-less dense cover of coral. The shallows are rocky shallows with some coral coverage. For a diver looking for a coral sea the fact can be rather disappointing. Not so for a curious mind that is able to see wonders everywhere.

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