A Fruitful Dive at “Barren” Browns Bay

Perhaps it’s laziness or something else but from time to time I feel an urge to visit “barren” Browns Bay. I say “barren” as most people think it’s barren, there is nothing to see there, visibility is close to zero most of the time etc. I must disagree, the visibility can reach over five metres at high tide if there is no swell and there has been no rain for a week or so, and (occasionally) there can be a lot to see there.

It’s a typical muck dive, searching for nice tiny creatures, plus clouds of juvenile fish, occasional snapper, stingray or even a kingfish. If you’re keen to photograph nudibranches you can do it there … sometimes in less than one metre of water.

Today I was lucky again. The visibility was not great, about two metres, but I found my favourite object in the area, a wandering anemone. It was the biggest one I’ve ever met, though quite brownish and less colourful than my previous ones, sitting on the rocky silt covered bottom. When I started to photograph it the batteries in one of my strobes finished but the issue could not ¬†destroy my joy from the dive. Enjoy the small gallery and join me next time.

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