Mahurangi Harbour on a calm day

Another good day at Mahurangi Harbour, the see was absolutely calm. I came a little late the low tide flow was starting but the conditions were still very good (for the harbour). As usually I was swimming toward Pudding Island turned to the right a little to get to the shallow reef at that place.

There were many parore swimming around me but they kept the distance staying at the edge of visibility. I’ve noticed the changed their direction every time I exhaled. It seems they are very sensitive to the noise and pressure waves caused by bubbles. Some goat fish and spotties we there as well, otherwise not much of other fish life (I missed trevally, also there were no stingrays at the spot I guess it’s because the winter is coming).

I missed the area with violet finger sponges and found it only on my way back to the shore. There were plenty of dark nudibranches I guess they feed on the sponges.

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