Another Great Day at Goat Island, June 25th, 2013

The demand for images with underwater scenery of kelp forest / sea weeds is growing so the main purpose of this trip was to add more pictures to our portfolio and, as usually, to spend some time underwater relaxing and enjoying that dreamy world. The beginning of the day was not promising with a couple of showers on our way to Leigh. The sun was shining when we came to the beach, however, another shower came before we get into water. There were two groups of pupils around the beach and rock pools but nobody in the water. The visibility was surprising, sea was calm with some current running through the channel.
Not many fish could be seen underwater but one inquisitive snapper stayed with us for the whole dive. It (he/she?) was so curious about the camera it was difficult to get a picture without it. Occasionally it was necessary to be a little aggressive to scare it away.
We have found a couple of great photogenic spots with something like “gravel roads” under the kelp forest canopy. Plus rocks with nice colourful coverage – sponges, anemones, hydroids – and nice curious crayfish under them.
When we surfaced there was no wind, sun was shining, it was so warm as if spring came. Enjoy the gallery and join us next time.

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