Mahurangi Harbour

Last week was no good for diving the eastern bays, the wind was too strong and water turbid. I had to cancel a couple of dives I hope my friends were not too disappointed. On Thursday I cancelled another one and headed to Mahurangi Harbour which is partially sheltered. By saying “partially” I mean its entrance is partially sheltered because that’s the spot I usually go to. The tidal flow is quite big there that means there is enough food there for filter-feeding animals. That also mean it can be dived only around the slack water, preferably just before the high tide.

I came too late the low tide flow has already started. It was not strong yet, but you can see from my pictures there were so many particles in the water. Believe me or not, they were not caused by my movements but by the water flow.

The spot seemed to be very promising with interesting sponges in the water as shallow as 4m. There were also plenty of nudibranches on the bottom, however, with a wide-angle lens on my camera they were not my focus that day.

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