Goat Island Shore Diving

The weather forecast looked great for March 21th (Friday last week). Sunny, just a light wind. I decided it was time to go to Goat Island again. I haven’t been there for about two months because of the weather, my occupation somewhere else but also because it’s a very popular location so it’s usually busy during the summer time.

I was really surprised when I got to the spot. It was cold and raining. I quickly decided to go only for one dive as it was impossible to warm up in between the dives. At the time of my arrival a big group of young snorkelers was coming out of water so there were not many people in the water during my dive. It was peaceful, fish were friendly and curious, the visibility was good even though there was a lot of plankton in the water. Snappers were chasing each other, a friendly blue cod allowed me to take pictures of it from less than 30cm, the colourful growth under the kelp canopy was breathtaking at some places. Another A+ for Goat Island.

By the way, my new old second stage (Sub Aquatic Systems) worked flawlessly.

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