Browns Bay, January 24th, 2013

With the high tide at 7:40pm I decided to go for a late evening (almost night) dive.

With a wide-angle lens on my camera I was not looking for small critters rather I hoped to make pictures of the environment. To my great surprise I could see a kingfish chasing its prey in the shallow water (depth ~1.5m) and also a dish-size snapper. It’s a pity they were too fast for me and my camera. As usually I was surrounded by juvenile fish (trevally, spotty) during the whole dive.  The nudibranches’ mating season is obviously over I could spot one specimen only (lemon nudibranch).

As it’s the standard for the rocky shallows around New Zealand they are coloured in brown-green-yellow however the overhangs where the sun cannot reach and plants cannot grow have rich colours of red, orange, yellow purple etc.

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